Canadian Organic Standards (COS) corn, European organic standard EC corn, German naturland organic standard EC corn, Korean organic standard corn, Japanese organic standard JAS corn, Biosuisse organic standard Chain Monitor (SCM) corn, Chinese organic standard COFCC corn, National Organic Program (NOP) corn.

Organic Corn (Zea mays )

Organic corn is certified according to the high standards of certisys belgium according to European standards and USDA NOP. Soycain is also involved in seed quality. Soycain is involved in the production of yellow corn and white corn without impurities.

    • Origin : Center and north of Benin
    • Bulk
    • big bag


Nutritional value per 100 g

  • Energy : 337 Kj / 80.2 Kcal
  • Fat : ND
  • Of wich saturated : ND
  • Carbonhydrates : ND
  • Of wich sugar : ND
  • Fibers : ND
  • Protein : ND
  • Salt : ND


  • wheat :absent
  • gluten :absent
  • egg :absent
  • milk :absent
  • nuts :absent
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